A new direct contact steam condenser by GMK Energy has been successfully commissioned for the 24 MW Kubilay geothermal power plant by Bestepeler Enerji in Turkey.

Direct Contact Steam Condenser project has been successfully commissioned at 24 MW Kubilay Geothermal Power Plant of Bestepeler Enerji Üretim Tic. A.S.. The condenser was thermodynamically and mechanically designed by GMK Energy from Turkey.

In this project, the temperature of re-injection water at 200 tons/hour increased from 60 °C to 135 °C by using 25 tons/hour unused steam at 139 °C which was released to atmosphere due to low pressure. The total 225 tons/hour geothermal brine is sending to power plant with the additional condensed steam.

By using "Direct Contact Steam Condenser" which is specially designed by GMK Energy, Kubilay Geothermal Power Plant started to generate 1500 kWe net electricity without additional wells.

Also a special pressure-reducing turbine is used to equalize the pressure of the re-injection water with the low pressure steam, and additional electricity with 60 kWe is generated by using this turbine.

This project is also an environmentally beneficial by using unused waste steam that was thrown into the atmosphere is used in electricity generation.

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Main services are:

  • Artesian and artificial well production modelling and downhole pump design,
  • Submersible/lineshaft pump modeling and power plant design with submersible/lineshaft pump,
  • Geothermal power plant, district heating, greenhouse etc. feasibility and project designing,
  • Engineering and consultancy services during power plant selection and contract writing,
  • Gathering system (BOP-balance of plant) design,
  • Mechanical, electrical and civil project design,
  • EPC projects of greenhouse, thermal pool and geothermal heating center,
  • Owner Engineering,
  • Thermodynamic modelling of operated geothermal power plants and performance increment studies.

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